WIP Wednesday

I’ve been working on a couple of projects this week. There are only bad pictures in this post because I’m having a bad ankle day and I’m too busy pouting to take a good picture.

John’s blanket is progressing. I am on what I think will be the last color. It is the point in the project where I probably won’t touch anything else until this blanket is done.

I’m working away on my Outline Wrap. I go in fits and starts with it. If I can work one mini skein a week I should have it done by spring. Or it will take longer and I’ll finish it by fall. Either way it will be fine.

I hope you are enjoying the projects you are working on. If you aren’t I hope you take a break and work on something fun.

16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Hope your ankle feels better and tomorrow’s a better day! Both John’s blanket and your shawl are looking great! I know what you mean about getting almost done with something and ignoring all your other projects. because when you are really close it’s very tempting to just power through it.

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  2. You can pout honey!!! This is no fun for you and your family. IF it was summer you could be outside enjoying watching the kids run around. Im sorry. I dumped a project that was literally making me crabby!! Just a mitten going right now.

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  3. Yay for almost being done with the blanket. I haven’t made a blanket for the longest time. I actually have a crochet WIP that I should work on. Sorry your ankle is having a tantrum and making you unhappy and uncomfortable.

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