January Reads

It is suddenly the ninth and I’ve yet to share what I read last month. Dealing with a broken ankle has me discombobulated. I read three books last month.

The Trouble With Quarterbacks by RS Gray. This book was awful. RS Gray is clearly out of stories to tell and I need to stop reading her books. I like football. I like romance novels. I do not like this book. I give it one out of five stars.

500 Miles From You by Jenny Colgan. All of Jenny Colgan’s books are good. Some of them are great. This is one of the great ones. This is the third book in the Little Bookshop On The Corner series. A nurse in London is suffering from PTSD after witnessing a horrible attack. A nurse in Scotland is looking for a bit of an escape. They change positions for a few months. They find themselves, and love, and it is great. I give this book three out of five stars.

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult. If you are torn between taking an undergrad class on Egyptology or reading a novel with no ending, look no further! This is the perfect book for that situation. For any other situation it is a fine book with lots of detail about Egyptology and an ending that makes you go WTF and text Bonny and ask her why she told you to read it (spoiler alert, so she could talk to someone about it. I totally understand that and will happily read anything she suggests always. Seriously, she has great taste in books.). I give this book three out of five stars.

I feel like I need a different scale for mindless books like Jenny Colgan and actual literature. If I had two scales I would give Jenny Colgan a higher rating. I’m far too lazy to do anything about creating a different scale for romance novels. Well, it’s not really laziness, it is more wanting to hit the publish button so I can get back to knitting.

16 thoughts on “January Reads

  1. When I give books stars on Goodreads I only score it on how much I enjoyed it, were there plot holes, etc and ignore whether it is a literature classic or an easy read novel. From the words you’ve written on book 2 the score doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t worry about making a 2nd rating chart, just write a score that matches how you felt about it. I’ve given some easy reads 5 stars and some classics 2 or 3 stars. We aren’t literary snobs here so score so that we know a 5 star book is one you loved and would read again, not that it should be taught in high school English lessons as a new classic.

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    1. I’m with Liz: I don’t see how you can give a great Jenny Colgan and a meh Jodi Picoult the same rating, but this is your blog so I guess you get to do what you want. Maybe I’ll start telling you to read terrible books so I get more “Well then why did you tell me to read it??” texts!

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  2. I always love seeing what you have been reading! I have gotten a little out of my rut lately and read a few new things, so that is pretty exciting for me 🙂 I’ve been going through the books on my shelves lately, trying to make sure I definitely want to still keep them. So far, the answer is mostly yes.

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