Sock It To Me Monday

Self striping yarn is fast. Sport weight socks are fast. Self striping sport weight socks? Crazy fast. I cast on the second sock yesterday and finished it just after lunch today. This is my first yarn from the Knit Spin Farm little known holidays yarn club. This is the January, 2021 colorway International Tongue Twister Contest Day. It has thick stripes of Yellow Lorry, Purple Pater People, and Very Vivacious Violet, twisted together at the transitions. The yarn is 90% Targhee, 10% Nylon for 100% my favorite sock blend. I switched to fingering weight for next month, but if these socks are as cozy as I think they are I’ll be switching back to sport weight soon.

20 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. These look great! I need to find some self-striping sport weight yarn now! Working from home calls for thicker socks, I think, since they don’t need to fit into work shoes. Will you be excited when you’re able to wear two socks again?

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