Knitting Planning

10,000,000 years ago, in the before times, back before I was a housewife, I worked at Nationwide Insurance. I loved my time there. I learned a lot. I made great friends. The coffee shop had amazing fountain Pepsi. It was a good time.

In my last job with Nationwide I worked as a business person on an Agile IT development line. If you don’t know what that means, just imagine me translating business speak to IT speak and IT speak to business speak. I was basically a nerd translator. It was awesome.

Every morning we would have a stand up meeting at our white boards. There were several large white boards forming a wall to differentiate our team space from other team spaces. On our boards we would keep track of all of the work we needed to do for a project, what we were working on for the next two weeks, what requirements were being written for, what was currently being developed, what was tested, and what was approved. It was a really easy way to keep track of the work. I liked being able to look at the board to see where we were.

I liked it so much I’ve decided to adapt it to my knitting planning for the year.

I created a list of things I want to knit this year. I have a list of my WIPs. I have a list of FOs. I’ve also included stretch goals (I would like to knit the Super Simple Summer Sweater, but I don’t really think I’ll get to it this year). I’ve listed my hibernating projects, because I like to believe if I see them on the board I might eventually pick them up again. I’ve started a list of yarn I want to try and yarn I need to buy to complete the projects on my to knit list. So far it has kept me focused on what I want to knit.

I’m finding more success with having the white board in my yarn room than I did with my knitting notebook last year.

Do you do anything to keep your knitting organized?

32 thoughts on “Knitting Planning

  1. Oh, I love your white board!! I make lists and lists in notebooks and journals and then I turn the page and forget all about the list later on. Lately I’ve been thinking of putting all the new project ideas on papers in a jar so I can pull one out each time I think of casting on something new. When I worked I kept task lists on my computer (attached to Outlook) that helped, but now I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get a white board…

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  2. I am in the middle of trying a bunch of things to organize my knitting, so we’ll see what sticks 🙂 The thing I’ve been doing the longest that sort of works is I have a little notebook I keep with me that I kind of keep track by sort of bullet journaling. Not the full-on fancy bullet journaling, but just noting down tasks and what’s ongoing and goals and so on. I love your whiteboard though! That looks like a great way to keep track of projects!

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  3. Well I have my Ravelry queue and WIPs, my Year of Projects Page on my blog I Update and an overflow list for future years on another Blog Page (rather than post). Other than that all my projects I have started are in the lounge. I can see a white board being useful for me to organise all my different hobbies, housework etc. When I worked I used handwritten lists and outlook. I do love a list.

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  4. Well, maybe your time in the BOOT so to speak has blossomed into knit organization! It still just stinks that you are still healing!!!!
    I do not organize my knitting really. I mean, I guess in a vague way I do. Like I saw a sweater in Oklahoma and I now am knitting it. Well, a version of it. I usually knit one project at a time. I know. SO boring.
    I let the knit spirits move me when I see something in blog land.
    I listened to Lisa from Flying Fibers and she was saying she was going to redo her queue on Ravelry. There is stuff there she will never knit, and she knows that now. I could do the same.
    Lately though, since Santa brought me the label maker, I am the file cabinet organizer queen. I am also on a quest to sell what records LP i have, and donate the rest. There are a dozen pair of Zach’s shoes I can donate if they don’t sell. So Im inside because it is 5 degrees out, covid and Im luck to have a modest yarn collection to pull from!

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  5. I have a list of things I would like to make and that need to be done for the year. I limit myself to 3 knitting projects, 2-3 quilt projects, 1 sewing project and 1 stitching project. In between finishes I am going to work on Christmas ornaments, hopefully so I’ll have about 30 done by October next year!

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  6. This is fantastic. I have basically all the same info in my knitting journal, but if I had a good place to hang a whiteboard, I’d totally steal this idea too. But are you able to update it while you’re recovering??

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  7. I love learning what others do to track/plan their knitting. Hmm, white board. I do have one but not in my knitting nook. I currently have 3 calendars going to see what I like best – a simple excel sheet to give me the full year in a glance with estimated start/finish dates so that I can see that I’m not overloading some months, a calendar app strictly with knitting projects, and then another excel sheet program that someone set up for months. I need to combine the full year page with the monthly tab pages I think for the best overall method for me.

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      1. You get me!!!! Yes, I’m recording my daily stitches and have it set up to show me my average for each month. I’m looking forward to making graphs of by date and week. I believe I should be able to set up where it tells me how many days it took to complete a project based on the cast-on and finish dates. Yeah, this is where I tend to go for excel instead of written journals.

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