The first 12 days of Advent.

This year I got a Chromatic Yarns Advent calendar. I love Hannah’s yarns, and was excited to have lots of mini skeins to try out. I have not been dissapointed.

All of her yarns are Dungeons and Dragons inspired, so the extras she included have been dice. I don’t play D&D, but I do homeschool, and the dice have been a fun way to work on addition and subtraction.

Health Update: We don’t have COVID! We are recovering from colds. Thank you for all of your kind messages. I’m now looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs.

FO Friday

I finished two small projects this week. I finished mittens for my sister and fulled patches for my MIL. I totally forgot to take pictures of the mittens, but the second mitten looks just like the one I told you about last week.

I was going to knit my MIL new slippers for Christmas, but she insists that there is plenty of life left in her slippers, she just needs to patch them. I used leftover wool and knit two patches. After fulling I gave them her with the understanding that if she is unable to patch them I’ll make her a new pair.

Tasty Tuesday

Our whole family is down with a cold. Well, we hope it is a cold. I’m getting tested for COVID tomorrow, and I expect to get a negative test. In our house having a cold means we eat even more bread than normal. This week I made challah, hamburger buns, and naan. They were all good. Not that we could tell. We are all so stuffed up it is difficult to taste.

Christmas Pillowcases

I had Audrey and Elliot pick out fabric for Christmas pillowcases last week. They both wanted a red truck Christmas print. I finally got around to making them today. They were well received, by the kids and the dog.

Wrigley the pillow thief.

Friday FO

I finished my Hansel Hap by Gudrun Johnston this week. I knit this out of alpaca from the orchard where the kids and I spend as much time as possible in the fall. I have many wonderful memories at the orchard, and wearing the shawl is a nice reminder of those memories. It’s also a nice reminder that I love smooshy yarn. And soft things.

I knit the full hap, which is a square. The pattern also has directions for a half hap. Knitting a full hap had been on my knitting bucket list for a couple of years. Now that I have one I’m fairly certain I will knit more. Having two layers of fabric in the shawl makes it so darn warm.

Now that I’m done with the shawl I suppose I’ll have to work on John’s darn socks. Also I have a pair of John’s socks to darn. Darn John and his socks.