Snowy Weekend

We woke up to a lot of snow yesterday morning. The kids were excited to get out and play. John was excited to try out his new snowblower. I was excited to have an excuse to drink tea by the fire. It worked out well for all of us.

I hope you were able to spend the weekend doing something that excites you too.

26 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend

  1. I’d have been like your kids and excited to go make a snowman and snow angels and perhaps a snow dog. Oh I love snow and we’ve only had icing sugar dust so far and now have a load of warm air coming up from the south so it’s heavy rain the next few days, 😭

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  2. Olivia says:

    Wow when you guys get snow, you get snow. We got a dusting and I thought it was a lot. We are supposed to get hit with a huge snowstorm this week though so maybe I’ll have pictures like yours. I’m so glad you don’t have the virus. But you guys should get tested again just in case.

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