The first 12 days of Advent.

This year I got a Chromatic Yarns Advent calendar. I love Hannah’s yarns, and was excited to have lots of mini skeins to try out. I have not been dissapointed.

All of her yarns are Dungeons and Dragons inspired, so the extras she included have been dice. I don’t play D&D, but I do homeschool, and the dice have been a fun way to work on addition and subtraction.

Health Update: We don’t have COVID! We are recovering from colds. Thank you for all of your kind messages. I’m now looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs.

8 thoughts on “The first 12 days of Advent.

    1. I have no idea. The only theory we have is something we brought home from the store had the cold virus on it. It lasts longer on surfaces. We are constantly having to tell Elliot to wash his hand, so we are pretty sure he gave it to us from something he touched.

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