So…about that yarn diet…..

I started the year on a yarn diet, after two successful yarn diet years. And then COVID. I thought I would share some of the things that I’ve picked up in the past two months.

I bought yarn for a Dissent Cardigan. I went with Beaverslide Dry Goods, because I love woolen spun yarn.

After I got that yarn I decided that I would also like to knit the Dissent Cowl, so I picked up a few skeins of Peace Fleece.

I don’t feel bad about those purchases. I have projects in mind for them. It’s not like I was buying single skeins of yarn willy nilly. Until I was.

From the top – The Lemonade Shop in the Wine Makes Mommy Fun colorway. With that name I had to buy it. I couldn’t stop myself. Bumblebee Acres in the It’s the Great Pumpkin colorway on their Merino/Nylon base. Bumblebee Acres in the Candy Corn colorway on their Corriedale/Nylon base. Bumblebee Acres in the Holly Jolly Christmas colorway on their Merino/Silk base. Two Sisters Yarn Company in the Ho Ho Ho colorway. Knit Spin Farm in the Damn, it Feels Gourd to be a Knitter colorway on their Targee/Nylon base.

Now I should get back to working on my Hansel so I can get to this yarn.

29 thoughts on “So…about that yarn diet…..

  1. I’m trying not to feel bad about my purchases this year. Whatever gets you through 2020, right? They are really great yarn names and colors. Plus think about all the yarn we would have bought this year if we had been able to go to festivals! We probably saved money.

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  2. Jamie says:

    All lovely buys. I’ve been quite good this year, or at least since about May. If we went shopping for yarn together, I think we would be a bad influence on each other. 😆

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