Tell me it will be OK.

Feather and Fan is supposed to be easy lace, but I’ve managed to screw it up. I did not put in a life line, because the thought of adding a lifeline to 400 some stitches was not appealing. Do I need to rip it back or should I throw caution to the wind and just k2tog randomly to get back to the correct stitch count? I know I should rip it out, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to care enough.

15 thoughts on “Tell me it will be OK.

  1. Can you put it in time out and work on something else for a day or two? After a break you’ll be better able to decide what you feel you should do. If it was my project I’d rip back because I would always see the mistake. It’s all a matter of how you will feel about it later.

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  2. I agree with letting it rest for a bit, and if you do try to save it maybe try to strategically fix it. Like is it wrong across all the repeats? If you do go back are you using stitch markers to mark the repeats? I’ll sometimes do that even if it’s a smaller # of stitches because then I can more easily find where in the row there’s an error

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  3. It if was me I would either just drop down the section with the issue and fix it or do some faking to get it back to the right stitch count. But I think you are more interested in having it be right. And this really is a special project – it’s your local alpaca and it really is a beautiful shawl. Tough decision! As others have said – definitely think about it 🙂

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