Stitch Markers

I’ve been good about working on crafts other than knitting. Today it was making stitch markers. The kids colored some shrinky dinks earlier this week and I melted them today. They each gave me a llama, so I decided to use them to make stitch markers.

I like to use earring findings instead of jump rings, because that way I can use them as progress keepers or stitch markers. I should add one to each of my projects now so the kids don’t ask me about them.

Have you been exploring different crafts this week?

13 thoughts on “Stitch Markers

  1. Very cool! My biggest craft project this week was practicing! I had my first two Young Artist kids over for a run through, and have been working on the other three so we can get some work done over the Thanksgiving break. 🙂 Max is so happy, he loves the high school kids.

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