WIP Wednesday

I picked up the collar on my sweater and promptly put it to the side. It isn’t cold enough to work on it, and I’m obsessed with my shawl at the moment.

My Hansel is moving along. I completed the middle square and now I’m working on the lace portion. It is currently impossible to take a good picture of, just trust me, I’ve made progress.

I’m enjoying knitting with alpaca, which I haven’t done in a long time. It is smooshy and warm. It is also very light. I still prefer wool, but working with local fiber is a treat.

What have you been working on?

21 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I like the look of the cardigan you are knitting. I started Strathcona sweater on Tuesday afternoon and knit a bit last night and think I will finish it today. 15mm (US19) needles make it go sooooooooooo fast it’s amazing. I’m thinking of making myself some bed socks with those needles.

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      1. So I didn’t get much knitting time today and need to do some crazy maths. I want to maximise every ounce of yarn, so I’m doing the arms out of the 4th ball working from either end and getting them to the same place my body is at, then will measure what’s left of the ball and divide that by the number of body stitches and arm stitches and hopefully manage to use all the yarn and maximise length but get them even! I can’t knit whilst watching Taskmaster as I always end up crying with laughter so will finish it tomorrow instead.


  2. I’m happy to see your shawl WIP. I also love alpaca – it’s not itchy and it’s very warm for its weight. My only problem has been stretching, due to the looser crimp of the alpaca fiber. I solved this by choosing patterns with stabilizing stitches like garter, seed and purl columns.

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  3. Well, since I’m waiting for my fabric order to arrive as it’s currently traveling from the ATL, I’ve been either baking, cooking, or getting in some cross stitch + I actually got to knit a bit this week painfree which was nice.

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  4. You are inspiring me to get going on my Oxbow–I can’t wait to have a sweater as cool as yours! I adore knitting with alpaca, but it does make my neck itch, so I’ve stopped using it very much. But an alpaca shawl will be divine!

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