One more sewing project…

I love fall. I love project bags. I’m attempting to love sewing. So I made a gourdous project bag. Until about halfway through the project I thought I should make project bags for my Woolies, and Kirsten, and the Sundays in Blogville call (seriously, that Skype group is so great. You should join us). After completing the bag I know that will never happen. I will never be an excellent sewist. I enjoy sewing, but I tend to rush through a project. I’m also content to half ass things as I see fit.

I’m not sure what I’ll craft tomorrow. I might take a break from sewing now to focus on my knitting projects. I might start a new sewing project to avoid my current knitting projects. I might take up macrame. I’ll have to see where my mood takes me.

16 thoughts on “One more sewing project…

  1. I love your project bag! Sewing may never replace knitting as your first love, but if you keep doing small projects you enjoy, you will have the necessary skills to accomplish whatever you want. I always think there is a time and a place for attempting perfection, not with every single thing. 😊 Over time you will get closer and closer without really pursuing it!

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