FO Friday

When we put the Halloween decorations away the kids were sad to see their pillowcases go. They asked where their Thanksgiving pillowcases were. I decided I should make the most of my sewing mojo and make them Thanksgiving pillowcases.

I pulled up Thanksgiving fabric on Joann and pointed out the cute cartoon turkey prints to the kids. They were having none of it. Elliot wanted sunflowers and goldfinch. Audrey wanted sunflowers and song birds.

Pillowcases are such a quick project. These took twice as long as normal, as I ordered the fabric for curbside pickup, which can only be purchased by the yard. Even with having to cut the fabric down to size I was able to finish this project in less than an hour.

I hope my sewing mojo continues, as I would love to make Christmas pillowcases for the kids too. And Valentine’s Day. And Fourth of July. And basically any holiday that allows me to purchase fabric.

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