Blogville Pot

Do you follow Mud & String? Beth is a potter and a knitter who shares her crafts on a delightful blog. Last week on her blog she had three pots she wanted to get rid of before she moved. I fell in love with one of the pots, and she sent it to me. The color has me thinking of tropical trips to beaches. It brings me so much joy.

Isn’t it beautiful? I love it. I’ve been telling John that I would like some of her pottery for a long time now, but he always forgets. I occasionally pull up my favorite piece of hers, terracotta bluebell, just to look at it and think about how nice it would look on my kitchen island. If you buy terracotta bluebell, I would appreciate occasional updates on how my favorite bowl is doing.

Thank you very much for the pot, Beth. I love it. I hope your move goes well. I also hope I get to buy something from your shop soon.

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been busy this week. I have two projects on the needles that I love working on.

First up is the Hansel Hap Shawl. I’m doing the full square version and loving each stich.

The Hansel is my knit on the go project. I even showed it to the alpaca who produced the fiber the last time we rode the orchard train.

Two alpaca with one guard llama

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Oxbow Cardigan. I’m looking forward to wearing it, which leads me to pick it up whenever I can.

Have you been loving your projects this week?

A note on the post I wrote yesterday: I am thrilled that so many of us had made stew recently, or plan to make stew. It fills me with joy when Blogville has something in common.

Tasty Tuesday: Stewpendous

I have been craving stew for weeks. This week I finally made a batch. There was still some snow on the ground this morning, so it seemed like the perfect day to cook something in the oven for over two hours.

The stew I make is Hearty Beef Stew from a 1996 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. The house smells wonderful when this is cooking. The recipe calls for one cup of red wine, which is ideal, because that means I can have a glass with dinner without opening the bottle for one glass of wine.

Number of times I called our dinner Stewpendous: 18 Number of times my awesome pun was acknowledged: 0

I also made cornmeal dinner rolls to have with the stew. The recipe is easy, delicious, and makes way too many rolls for a family of four. We will be eating them as breakfast sliders (egg and cheese on a bun) for the rest of the week.

Yes, that is also a loaf of sandwich bread in the background.

Have you made anything tasty this week?