I knit daily. I like other crafts, but the only one I regularly practice is knitting. I decided to change things up a bit. Every Thursday I’m going to work on a non-knitting craft for at least 30 minutes. Today I spent my time sewing.

The first thing I did was mend two shirts. I had been putting off fixing them, but now that my serger is always out it was easy to sit down and fix them. It took about 10 minutes to fix them, which includes the time to rethread one of the needles.

After that I organized my in progress sewing and started working on an apron I started last year. It is a Halloween panel, and should not take long to finish. I was frustrated with the ties last year and put it in a bag and forgot about it. I finished the ties today and ironed the panel. With any luck I’ll finish it before Halloween. I could finish it tonight if I tried, but I would rather work on my Oxbow.

When digging out the apron I remembered that it also came with oven mitts. I am never going to make the mitts, but if one of my Halloween loving friends would like the fabric please let me know and I’ll send it your way.

Do you have trouble getting to other crafts because knitting gets in the way? Am I the only one that obsessed?

28 thoughts on “Thursday

      1. Do it! KI also have too much yarn already but too late now. I’ve got the spinning bug! It’s teaching me a lot about yarn construction, and how the qualities of different fibres affect the final knitted product. I strongly recommend the Electric Eel Wheel as a cost effective and very compact alternative to a traditional spinning wheel.


  1. Jamie says:

    I try to mix it up as you know. But currently packing up the house so, I’m sticking to yarn based projects that I quick, so that means the loom. Once settled again, I’ll get to making some stained glass window catchers to break up the yarn fest 😀

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