Craft Room Update

We moved into our house in the beginning of August. I spent the first three weeks furiously unpacking. I unpacked the first floor. I unpacked the second floor. I ignored the basement.

Last weekend, in Saint Louis, Kirsten and I spent an evening knitting, drinking margaritas, and binge watching The Home Edit. It was as wonderful as it sounds. When we got home on Sunday, a day earlier than planned as Elliot refused to sleep there and was becoming a bit of a tyrant, I peeked into the craft room when returning the suitcases to the basement. I decided it was time.

The craft room was not in good shape. It was not a usable space. See what I mean?

I spent most of yesterday and half of today organizing the room. I now have a room I can use!

Craft supplies for the kids in the small bookcases, crafts for me on the metal shelves.
Wrigley’s clothes are now in a basket on her kennel (yes, Kathy, that is a Cubs jacket for my dog). I’ve corralled the wrapping paper and put wrapping supplies on the first shelf of the art cart. I’ve tucked kids painting supplies on to the second shelf of the cart so it only gets pulled out when I want to deal with kids painting. To the right of the cart is where I’ll keep my projects that I should be sewing. My machine and serger now live on my desk. I can keep them plugged in and ready to go, which should get me sewing again. In the cabinets above the sewing machines I have fabric and some sewing supplies. The library table will be used for crafts and school work when we feel like doing school in the craft room. I’ve added shawls to the chairs not as a decoration, but because the basement is always cold.

Who knew that binge watching The Home Edit could make a person so productive? I’m hoping to get to the game room next, as I would like to be able to find our games easily.

Have you been inspired to organize because of a show? Can you recommend a show that will inspire me to clean my house with good cheer?

23 thoughts on “Craft Room Update

  1. Your craft room is amazing! It does look like such a useful space 🙂 I like the Home Edit too – they really do a great job. I really liked Marie Kondo’s series, which I think was on Netflix. Every once in a while when I was traveling for work, I would wind up watching Hoarders (hotel TV in rural areas was sometimes ‘interesting’). Hoarders made me come home and clean my house like nobody’s business!

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    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to using it. I was so motivated after yesterday I organized the storage room today. I only have one room left in the house that is horribly disorganized, then I can decide which update we want to start first. Also, I’ve been meaning to say we are going to have a garden next year! We have a third of an acre, and I hope to start small and build up to something intense as the kids are able to help more.

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  2. Hooray for CUBS flags and the like! I have to start binge watching that show! Your room looks clear and things can be found quickly! Im glad you came home early for you little one’s sake. My kids didn’t travel easily especially when sleep time came. This lead to cranky pants and tantrums and tears. As my mom said, When you go away with your kids that young, you are just changing sinks. Isn’t that the truth!

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  3. looks great. I wouldn’t dare post a picture now of my craft room. I am trying to redo my kitchen so all of the overflow goes in my room, along with all of the things I keep acquiring! You are helping me to get motivated though!


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