7 thoughts on “Gateway Arch

  1. Olivia says:

    I remember when I was moving my daughter to Texas 3 years ago for aerospace engineering grad school we stayed just across from the arch. What a site. We went into the museum there but the park was fenced off for renovation. Your kids will never forget it! You do such fun stuff.

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  2. Just saw the arch as we drove by to go to Oklahoma. Glad you safely had fun!!!! Numbers here in Wisconsin are soaring and it is frightening. I went to pick up a pizza, and no one was wearing a mask. I should have left. The servers, the bartender, the patrons. I was the only one. So Sad to me

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    1. Iowa’s numbers are climbing too. We stopped at two gas stations where we were the only people wearing masks in Missouri and Iowa. It was so scary, and hard to explain to the kids. We had to go in, because it was go there or deal with wet pants and a mad four year old.


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