WIP Wednesday

I’ve been busy this week. I have two projects on the needles that I love working on.

First up is the Hansel Hap Shawl. I’m doing the full square version and loving each stich.

The Hansel is my knit on the go project. I even showed it to the alpaca who produced the fiber the last time we rode the orchard train.

Two alpaca with one guard llama

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Oxbow Cardigan. I’m looking forward to wearing it, which leads me to pick it up whenever I can.

Have you been loving your projects this week?

A note on the post I wrote yesterday: I am thrilled that so many of us had made stew recently, or plan to make stew. It fills me with joy when Blogville has something in common.

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. These are looking great! I have 5 rows to the toe decreases, not doing the whole thing right now is killing me, but I think if I spread it out across the day, I might get it finished today. I love the blue for your cardi! Today I am baking bierocks…we’ll have them for dinner, and the rest will go in the freezer. The last heads of cabbage went into jars last night so I have four quarts of sauerkraut on the counter doing their thing. It’s nice to have some fridge space!

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      1. Bierocks, runzas, cabbage buns, they have many different names…I think they are German or German-Russian. It’s hamburger, cabbage and onions seasoned and baked in fluffy bread dough. We have one fridge and two giant freezers, so it’s long days during the height of summer, but we can usually make it work. 🙂 The sock is done. They don’t match but DH doesn’t care, and he put them on the minute I finished the ends!

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