Tasty Tuesday: Stewpendous

I have been craving stew for weeks. This week I finally made a batch. There was still some snow on the ground this morning, so it seemed like the perfect day to cook something in the oven for over two hours.

The stew I make is Hearty Beef Stew from a 1996 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. The house smells wonderful when this is cooking. The recipe calls for one cup of red wine, which is ideal, because that means I can have a glass with dinner without opening the bottle for one glass of wine.

Number of times I called our dinner Stewpendous: 18 Number of times my awesome pun was acknowledged: 0

I also made cornmeal dinner rolls to have with the stew. The recipe is easy, delicious, and makes way too many rolls for a family of four. We will be eating them as breakfast sliders (egg and cheese on a bun) for the rest of the week.

Yes, that is also a loaf of sandwich bread in the background.

Have you made anything tasty this week?

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