Oh, Blogville. I was so good about knitting down my stash for so long. I was knitting more than I was buying. It was such a productive time. Then there was a pandemic. Then I moved. Then my mom had a bad fall and had some fractures. Then I lost all restraint and started buying all the things.

The orchard alpaca is beautiful to work with. So I kept buying more. I’ve managed to go to the orchard once without buying yarn. That is a 20% success rate for not buying yarn.

Then my hero died, so I needed yarn to make a sweater to honor her. Of course it had to be Beaverslide Dry Goods, because you can’t beat that yarn.

Of course, there is a danger that I’ll knit through all of my sock yarn and run out of options for holiday socks, so I picked up some Bumblebee Acres yarn in Great Pumpkin and Candy Corn (I’m telling myself they work for Thanksgiving and Halloween). I also got some Ho Ho Ho from Two Sisters, because there is nothing like a pair of striped festive socks.

I wish I could say it ends there, but I’ve also purchased two advent sock skeins (one stripe a day). Did I need them? No. Did I also purchase a yarn advent calendar? Yup. I also have some yarn coming for the Dumpster Fire Ornament.

I need to take a break from yarn purchases for now. Of course, when you are friends with champion enablers it is hard to stop completely.

Have you been buying yarn lately? Tell me about it. Then send me a link so I can buy some, because I don’t have much faith in thi

21 thoughts on “Stashurday

  1. So, I literally took a break from looking at yarn online to look at the Reader and found your post. Yes! I am buying yarn!! In fact, I’m surprised that you are able to buy any because I am basically buying all of the yarn, especially blue yarn. I can now knit a half dozen new socks, two sweater, more cowls, and I want MORE YARN!! Hey, it’s a pandemic, I didn’t spend money for months, and I am now making up for lost time.

    Claire Garland published a cute pattern for a knitted raccoon. Now I have to get the yarn to make a raccoon…

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    1. I just spent way too long looking at Claire Garland patterns. I now want to knit all of her forest animals. What yarn are you buying? I feel like I’m saving lots of money by never leaving the house or wandering Target buying whatever I see.

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      1. Oh, I so need to make the raccoon and maybe a mouse or two. The yarn that she uses in her patterns is usually Drops yarn, and I just discovered that you can buy the yarn on Amazon for a rather reasonable price! There is a Facebook group where people post their finished creations (I Made the Rabbit) and people have been posing their little animals outside in the cutest settings… like you I have been cutting down my spending by staying out of stores, so I’m suddenly going yarn crazy as I finish up projects.

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  2. That is a lot of yearn my dear, you best cast one at least three more things this weekend, so you can keep it going! Seriously, the yarn is lovely, and you are quite prolific, so I get it all gets done sooner rather than later. 😊

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  3. You know what – you are having a tough year. Buy all the yarn! You will knit it certainly, and it’s so much better than other things you could be doing to deal with the stress. Plus you have some really lovely finds there! As a side note, are you getting the newsletter from the Wooly Thistle? Because they say they have more of that Christmas sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners coming in soon.
    Also, you are not alone. I am buying all the yarn too right now. Do I need more? From a supply perspective, no I do not. From an emotional perspective, yes I absolutely do.

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  4. Well considering I’m on a yarn buying ban year I have bought a fair bit. When I bought the 2 extra skeins to extend my Havana blanket it had free postage if I spent more money on more yarn…so it was pay £3.50 on postage of halve £3.50 off a ball of yarn in my twisted crazy math mind. So I bought some WYS in a purple patterned and then I bought some Jamieson & Smith Shetland Chunky to see if it would be a suitable yarn for making another Turtle Dove in. I needed to squish it, but will make a hat with the 1 skein I bought. After my success with dyeing my own self striping Christmas yarn I thought about buying more undyed skeins but apparently there’s a UK shortage so I resisted and do still have some more already in my stash. Oh and I bought my own yarn advent and just bought a drum carder that will arrive early November. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  5. Oh and I bought the mini skein set from Doulton Border Leicester as I felt bad about them having 8 lambs stolen from their slaughter free sheep farm. Hmm maybe I’ve bought other bits too…my memory is still rubbish because I keep forgetting to take the tablets 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  6. AJ says:

    I’ve been eyeing everyone’s yarn and thinking I need to try this whole buy yarn online thing. So far I’ve resisted, but I’m definitely weakening


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