Tasty Tuesday: Copycat Edition

This week I was back to baking. I started with Starbucks copycat pumpkin scones. I had leftover pumpkin from baked oatmeal, and these used up the leftovers beautifully. I liked these better than actual Starbucks scones, and might make them again. If I do make them again I’ll be adding crystalized ginger, as they could use a bit more oomph.

I tried a copycat recipe of Corner Bakery’s Sweet Crisps next. This one was a bit of work, as it involved baking a loaf of bread, cutting it into thin slices, then toasting it with butter and turbinado sugar. These were excellent on day one, but as leftovers they lost their crunch. I think I’ll try toasting them up in the oven before eating the leftovers.

We’re back to summer weather this week, so I’ll be off baking for a bit until it gets back to autumn temperatures.

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