Sock It To Me Monday

I really thought I would have a completed pair of socks to show you today, but I don’t. Yesterday instead of knitting I spent a lot of time hiking and eating salted caramels (it was an awesome day). Today is John’s birthday, so I did my normal morning cleaning, did homeschool, and made a fancy ass dinner for us and his parents. It’s now close to bedtime and I haven’t picked up my socks yet. Oh well, I’ll get to them eventually.

Have you been knitting today?

15 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Your answers to my q and a today were great. You are the only other one whose family did not want an empty ice tray in the freezer!!!!
    I am picking up my needles by 8pm. Self enforced deadline. Spent time with the Fireman cutting more branches and prepping a portion of the woods for new growth next year. I got a 30 minute shut eye. Do any of your lil ones nap?

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    1. They don’t, but we took a four mile hike this morning, which led to a quiet afternoon when I let them watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They usually dance along to the songs, but today they didn’t even move. I wore them out.

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