Orchard Season

We have season passes to the apple orchard again this year. We’ve been able to enjoy the orchard while social distancing. We wear masks when we are close to others, but we only go during the week, which makes for small crowds.

This year the orchard is selling yarn from their alpacas. I am not normally an alpaca person, but being able to make a shawl out of yarn that will forever remind me of one of the best times in my life is enough to have me stray from wool. So I’ve been buying some yarn with each trip.

The yarn is fingering weight according to a WPI test. I would like to make a large triangular shawl or square hap. Please share any suggestions you have for large shawls that will work with undyed yarns.

13 thoughts on “Orchard Season

  1. Oooh pretty yarn. I’m going to knit Shoalwater Shawl eventually. It’s an easy pattern that works in multiple weights. I love seeing your orchard pics. It reminds me of the good times when my kids were little. I’m not an alpaca fan either, but it’s reasonably soft with nice drape.

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  2. For me, the issue with alpaca yarn is its slipperiness. Often a completed project will stretch and stretch over time. What works for me is a pattern that incorporates sections of garter or seed stitch, which will tend to lock the fibers together. Or alternate the alpaca with a sheeps wool yarn that will do the same thing.

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