Tasty Thursday

I’m not taking the kids to the store until there is a vaccine for COVID. Normally I’m able to run out midday when John is not on a meeting and get it done. This week has been crazy for John at work, so that didn’t happen. We had plenty of food, just nothing that I wanted to cook.

We did have leftover stovetop mac and cheese from a Cooks Country recipe that we found too cheesy (no, I didn’t know “too cheesy” was a thing until I made the recipe), some links of chicken breakfast sausage, and frozen peas. I mixed them together, scooped it into muffin tins, and topped them with buttered panko breadcrumbs. I just popped it in the oven until they were warm (roughly one pick up your toys and/or 30 minutes at 350).

These were a raging success. We all loved them, and I will be making them again.

What is your greatest success when making over leftovers?

19 thoughts on “Tasty Thursday

  1. Those are something my son and husband would love. I won’t touch cheese so too cheesy would send me over the edge:)
    I have a teenage boy, there are no leftovers. I do put things in the refrigerator after dinner but by some miracle they’re gone by morning. You’ll be at that point before you know it:)

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  2. Look at you go, those look great!! I especially like the peas. I recently had some leftover potatoes in cheese sauce that I added left over asparagus, bacon, ham and some caramelized onions. I put some red pepper and chives on top and baked it in the over until it was brown. To be honest, I have been having some trouble making myself eat lately, but this was so yummy I kept going back for a little more! It’s the cheese and the BACON!!

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