Oh Deer

On my walks this weekend I’ve discovered that our new neighborhood is home to several very tame deer. I’m pretty sure this means I’ll hit one when I’m driving or John will hit one on his bike.

Do you have any abnormally tame animals in your neighborhood?

11 thoughts on “Oh Deer

  1. They are so pretty – thanks for sharing! We don’t have too much tame around here, except some of the birds will let you get kind of close. We had a Stellar’s Jay on the porch this week 🙂


  2. Olivia says:

    We are overrun with turkeys 🦃 and why these particular ones can fly (sort of) and flop themselves up our 50ft pine trees is beyond me. They roam the country club roads in gangs and barely move for cars. But they are endless excitement to our 2 corgis.


  3. They are tame and really pretty! The thought of hitting one is frightening:( Be extra careful.
    We don’t have any wildlife near us that’s tame. We do have some squirrels that think our garden is theirs. They’ve been taking cucumbers which they don’t seem to like though they do nibble at them and cherry tomatoes that they love.,


  4. We usually have deer bedding down under our blue spruce in the fall. They like our neighbor’s apple tree in the fall and have been sampling any stray tomato that grows outside the fence.


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