Dresser Update

When we moved Elliot started using a new to him dresser. The dresser has seen better days. My mom bought it in the early 70s for $5 when Marquette University was updating the furniture in one of its dorms. The dresser was most recently at my sister’s apartment in Chicago. On the trip from her house to my house a knob was lost (or Elliot found it and squirreled it away somewhere, we will never know). Instead of going with a simple replacement knob I decided to make the dresser more of Elliot’s style.

Elliot loves construction vehicles. He was very excited when the knobs arrived and wanted to watch me put them on. He decided that the top two drawers should be dump truck drawers and the bottom two drawers should be backhoe drawers.

It was a very simple way to change the look of the dresser. Would I like white knobs on a wood dresser in my own room? No. Of course, I’m not four years old.

Do you ever make simple changes to your furniture to make it more appealing for the intended user?

20 thoughts on “Dresser Update

  1. Well if they did drawer knobs with minions on them then I’d definitely stick them on for myself…or winnie the pooh ones…I best resist googling those. I have my dads old dresser, it is tall and has a lid with a mirror. I painted each of the drawers a different shade of yellow and the unit white some years ago. Since I got my kallax unit it is now inside the wardrobe but still in use. Hmmm minion drawer knobs…resist resist resist.

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  2. I have been thinking about changing the knobs on Hans’ dresser we found at a yard sale. He wont care, but you’ve motivated me. I like the sailboat on that dresser. Is that what it is? What a great idea.

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  3. That is so cute! What a great find and a nice way to make it all his 🙂
    In years past I often bought old wood furniture from thrift shops and painted it in funky ways to jazz up my living space. We do buy different knobs and hardware to change things up. We recently got some rustic leaf shaped nobs and matching towel bars and so forth for my Mom’s bathroom.

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