I’m ready for the weekend. This week has been full of unpacking, exploring the neighborhood, appointments, and more house frustrations. On Wednesday night John discovered that the basement drain was clogged, giving us wet carpet. On Thursday Kevin, the plumber that we are now on a first name basis with, was here to install our new water heater, so he cleared the drain too. Now we wait to see if the carpet will dry out or we will have to tear it out. It has been a week.

This afternoon a surprise came in the mail. It was a box filled with gifts from Bonny. She sent candy, a mask (rainbow dogs!!!), a book (we have the same taste in books), a knit bluebird of happiness (it is already up in my yarn room), a beautiful skein of blue yarn, purple yarn so I can make an emPower People bandana, and her leftover WYS Christmas yarn so I can use her leftovers and my leftovers to make my sister Christmas socks.

It was the perfect box. It made me so happy. I’m now going to sit down and cast on an emPower People bandana and ignore my current WIPs and house issues.

Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “FriYAY!

  1. A good plumber is worth his weight in gold! Have you got a fan to run your carpet? It will help with the drying. Guess how I know?? Multiple water incidents:(
    Bonny is so kind and generous sending you a fantastic gift box just when you needed it:)

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