Tasty Tuesday

My new house doesn’t heat up when the oven is on, so I’m back to baking. Yesterday the kids helped me make animal crackers. The cookie cutters needed to be floured just the right amount for the cookies to come out. The cookies my kids looked horrible. They didn’t mind. Mine turned out OK, but they are not worth the effort.

Have you been baking?

29 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. No baking here this week I think, we are in the 90’s until next Tuesday…we are usually in the low 80’s by now. I have to do some canning, but will probably wait until Thursday night to start when there are no more piano students. I’ll probably bake the bread then too, might as well suffer once and be done!

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  2. AJ says:

    Oh that is so nice that the oven doesn’t hear your house! I’ve done some baking at my parent’s place but I go home today and won’t be able to bake unless it’s a cool day

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  3. Your cookies look great! Those are fun shapes, but I know those cutters with the indentations can be fussy to work with. Not much baking here – I am thinking about a pie in the near future, but not much else right now.


  4. Not lately. I’ve been lazy. Our house heats up when the oven is on. I do need to use these lemons from my neighbor’s backyard.
    How awesome your house doesn’t heat up when baking; is that because of special features?


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