Northeasterly Progress & A Yarn Room

I’m still working away on my Northeasterly (link goes to Ravelry). When I was stressed over moving last month I was thankful for a calming knit to work on.

We started this month in an 864 square foot house. We moved into a house with 2224 square feet. It has been amazing to have the space to spread out. One of the best parts is finally having a yarn room. I was going to have a craft room, but after some discussion we decided that it made more sense for us to have a yarn room and another room for a maker space (sewing, building, tinkering, various other crafts).

We’re still unpacking and deciding where things will go. My yarn room is mostly together now, I’m just waiting for a hand-me-down chair from my Mom to complete the room. I thought I would share some pictures of the yarn room today.

I prefer to knit in a comfy chair. I found these chairs on Facebook Marketplace. Jess came with me to pick them up, as she is strong and can move furniture and also she will keep strangers from murdering me. I made her try out one of the chairs, as she is one of my Woolie knitting besties. In the photo you will see the newest knitter on the block.

I got a huge cube organizer to store my yarn, project bags, and random knitting things. I tried to lift the whole thing by myself, which broke it. John fixed it for me, and had it together in time for me to sit down and knit on Saturday night. Now that I can see how small my stash is I feel like I should buy more yarn.

I’ll be putting an oversized arm chair and ottoman where the rocking chair is now. I assume that is where I will spend most of my time knitting. I’m not sure where I’ll put the rocking chair, but I’ll find a spot for it somewhere in the house.

I have a small cube organizer for knitting books and needle storage. I have a whiteboard up for scheduling projects and adapting patterns on the fly. Currently it is where I’m keeping track of all of the projects we need to do around the house. I’m planning on hanging more art on this wall, but that is probably months down the road.

I love our new house, but there is a lot of work to be done on it. I’ll be sharing some of the stories about our renovations on this blog, as I’m excited about the changes we are making.

22 thoughts on “Northeasterly Progress & A Yarn Room

  1. Good luck in your new home! I love your yarn room. It looks like you have plenty of space to add more stash and some friends to knit with you.
    Congratulations to Audrey on learning to knit:) I’m sure she’ll have you showing off her projects before too long!

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  2. That is about the size of our house upgrade too! Future Knitter makes me happy for all of our FUTURE. Of course you need more stash. The voicemail message from Al and Zach is a play by play of the Cubs radio announcer saying i aM running the bases and IM OUT. Kathy is OUT, he says, but she’ll call you as soon as she’s back 😉

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  3. It’s very exciting seeing you turn your new house into your new home and I’m glad you are sharing it with us. Homes here aren’t measured in square feet or metres, so I’ve no idea the size of any house I’ve lived in but it makes me wonder…probably not enough to actually get a tape measure out for but maybe one day out of interest I’ll look.

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