We Moved

I backed this truck up alone. It is a big truck. There is no rearview mirror. I’m awesome.

We moved on Monday. It has been a week of unpacking and trying to decide where things go. It has been a week of no relaxing. I have been able to knit a bit while I have my coffee in the morning, which has been nice. We’ve quickly adapted to having three times the space of our old house. I have not adapted to being able to sleep in the new house. I’m confounded that our new house can be so full of stuff when it all fit in our last house.

I’m hoping things will calm down a bit over the weekend and I’ll be back to knitting and blogging regularly. It’s about time I finish my Arachne, right?

14 thoughts on “We Moved

  1. I firmly believe that stuff expands to fill the space. Unfortunately once it expands it won’t shrink. Good luck getting everything in it’s new place. That is my favorite part of moving:)


  2. I am so glad you’ve got the move behind you now. I remember how overwhelming it is when you first move in and have to unpack everything, but you’ll get there. Take it a box at a time, and take a bit of time here and there to relax. You need to take care of yourself! I love brick houses — I hope you all are happy in your new home.


  3. The worst is over, you are now only in one house! The space will settle down. (We had an empty living room for about four years because the furniture we had in our old living room was in the basement family room!


  4. Olivia says:

    You ARE totally awesome! I helped my daughter move from Texas to Connecticut, I picked up the U-Haul and promptly ran it right into a car park overhang. You can’t see the top of the “grandmothers attic“ from inside the truck. Good thing there’s insurance. LOL good luck on putting everything away I’m doing the same in my brand new kitchen (and happy it’s not an entire house!)


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