Busy Week

Moving is a lot of work. There is a reason I haven’t done this in 15 years. I put a schedule on our refrigerator because John and I keep getting confused about dates and when things need to be done.

After next Wednesday we should own only one house. I’ll be busy unpacking for weeks, but I’ll be back in Blogville actively when the brunt of the move is done. I hope you are doing well and look forward to catching up soon.

7 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. I hated moving! First time wasn’t to bad we had a very small house so not much to move. Next time we had a three story farm house. We had so much stuff we had to have an auction. We are now in a three bed room ranch on one acre. The house is fine but the yard is getting to be a bit much for use.

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  2. Our last move was from 900 square feet to 2600 square feet, you could literally feel the difference in the stress load from the small space to the big one. All you have to do is keep going this week, and by next things will be sorting themselves out splendidly. 👏🏻😄


  3. Olivia says:

    We must be kindred spirits, you and I. This is exactly how I move. We moved a total of 15 times growing up, and though my father was not in the military. After I was married we moved about the same amount of times, still no military. My last house I lived in 11 years and then I bought a condo to downsize and live there 11 years. But, three years ago we moved into this house that we are constantly renovating. This might sound crazy but I think I would rather move and renovate. Trying to renovate in a pandemic is insane.Your kids must be ecstatic and having a new house but I’m sure at the same time a little sad to leave the old one. They’ll adjust in about five minutes. You have all my sympathy and good wishes for a smooth move.


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