Fourth of July Weekend

I spent the weekend “camping” with Kirsten and her family. We haven’t been around other people. They haven’t been around other people. We checked temperatures first. I won’t be around other people for two weeks.

Normally we camp in Missouri, but this summer Kirsten and her husband brought their camper up to Winterset, which is a 40 minute drive from Des Moines. I planned on staying in the camper with them, but after about two hours it became clear that Elliot could not hang as a camper. On Friday Elliot and I drove home to Des Moines to sleep and headed back out on Saturday. On Saturday I drove both kids home, as they were both exhausted. I was exhausted too. A good exhaustion that comes from spending the weekend in the sunshine hanging out with your best friend.

Ivy and Jess even drove out to hang out and knit in the shade with us. It was a joy for my friends to finally meet each other.

I hope your weekend was filled with friendship and joy.

22 thoughts on “Fourth of July Weekend

  1. The photo bottom left says it all! That is frame worthy. I have one similar of that with my youngest and her bestie sharing a coat when they were tiny 6th graders. It is one of my favorites now that they are 25 and long gone!

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  2. I loved the photo you took of the kids waking hand in hand. I am glad you had a chance to visit with friends. Hopefully that helped lift your spirits. It looked like you had perfect weather too.

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      1. Did I know you were moving or is this a recent development. Forgive me, I have been having recall issues due to Lyme disease. 😦
        The next move I make is going to be in a 6 foot pine box. To me, this is the most stressful experience. I am a homebody, so when the home is in flux, I tend to struggle. A lot.


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