Arachne Update Week 12

One sleeve is done. This sweater is not getting much needle time lately, as my anxiety is so bad at the moment I’m having a difficult time knitting. I love this sweater, but I am going to be happy to have it off the needles. I’m sure it will be done by October.

21 thoughts on “Arachne Update Week 12

  1. First, your sweater looks great! You have gotten so much done:)
    Second, I’m sorry about you anxiety being elevated. Everything is just piling on. Things that wouldn’t ordinarily be a big deal push us right to our limit. Is it your move? I’m sure you’ll find a place and if you don’t you can always grab an apartment temporarily. You’ll get everything sorted out. It just might not be as quickly as you want:)

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    1. Thank you. I’ve lost your e mail address, which I discovered when I tried to e mail you earlier this week. We found a house, but now our buyer is requesting some changes from inspection that are intense. So we need to come to an agreement. Then I can breathe.

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  2. Your jumper looks great and you won’t need to wear it for months…so there’s no rush, we aren’t going anywhere. I rushed to complete Tailfeather for July and we’ve had rain and cold days and even our heating is automatically coming on some mornings it’s so cold!!! Try meditation, try yoga, try saying to yourself ‘this too shall pass’, try camomile tea, try anything and everything (well except illegal drugs) because at least in the trying it will give your mind a moment to focus on something else. On Oprah’s Instagram she has a quote from Eckart Tollie, I’ll send it to you on Instagram. Xx


    1. Thank you, Liz. I think I would try some illegal drugs if someone gave me pot. I would try anything at this point. I’m doing meditation and long walks. I know it will get better, it is just walking through this right now.


  3. Sorry you are feeling so anxious these days. My go to when I get overwhelmed and anxious is to focus on things that are good, lovely, excellent, etc. and to read Psalms. They are full of praise and it just always calms me and lifts my spirits. Hoping that today is better for you. 😘

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  4. I am so sorry about your anxiety! I know how hard it can be to get things done when anxiety is high and you are so stressed. It will be OK. Hugs and prayers to you for everything to work out OK and sooner rather than later.
    Also, your Arachne is looking amazing! You are doing such cool things with it 🙂

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  5. Olivia says:

    I hear you about the anxiety, I can’t understand why people will not wear masks when they are out and about. It means I cannot go anywhere. Even when I walk the dogs people are on bicycles running streaming whatever they breathe behind them. People just don’t get it. And then there’s my kitchen which today is going to be demolished on the other side, So plastic has been put up two in case the kitchen and I am stuck in an outside screened in porch with three dogs and it’s raining. Yep stress is up

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