Thankful Saturday

I’m thankful for time in nature. This week the kids and I took a two mile hike and it was just what my spirit needed. Flowers are in bloom. It is incredibly green out. We will be hiking again soon.

I’m thankful the kids are old enough to peel their own hard boiled eggs. We eat a lot of eggs, and I spend many breakfasts peeling their eggs. My life has suddenly gotten easier.

I’m thankful that Audrey enjoys riding her bike. It is much easier to push one kid in a stroller than two.

I’m thankful for in-laws who got Elliot the amazing birthday present we suggested. Having a new climbing dome in our yard has kept the kids busy for hours.

What are you thankful for?

12 thoughts on “Thankful Saturday

  1. Those a great things to be thankful for:)
    I am thankful we have had warm weather so walking has been a pleasure. I’m thankful we had a thunderstorm last night before bedtime. I’m thankful for chocolate milk. It’s a sweet treat and I get some calcium and vitamin D:)

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  2. I’m thankful that we are allowed to meet up with our grandchildren again. We had a phone call on Friday asking us to join them at the park and we are currently waiting for them to arrive for a visit this afternoon (Sunday). They go back to school tomorrow (Monday) which our daughter is thankful for. 🙂

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  3. Thankful for the opportunity for loads of walks around us. Also, thankful my mother moved to be 10 minutes from where we are in January. I would have worried a lot if she had been 3 hours away still. Thankful that we have had good weather to enable people to get outside (in accordance with guidance) because a lockdown with long spells of rain would have been awful. Thankful for your posts which are always a welcome read.

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