Northeasterly Update

Last April I decided that one scrap blanket at a time was not enough, so I cast on a Northeasterly. Instead of knitting it out of fingering weight I decided to make it out of worsted weight. I worked on it for about a month and then I put it aside.

Earlier this year, after finishing the binding on my second sock yarn blanket, I decided to take it out again. This blanket does not get worked on much. I try to knit 30 minutes on it every night where I don’t have plans. I figure if I’m watching TV all night I can get some boring knitting done.

Do you have any projects that you are slowly working on?

17 thoughts on “Northeasterly Update

    1. I have a sweater I have been working on for 5 years, 2 shawls and a cardi for the past year. One shawl is worked on weekly. The others are pulled out once in a while and given a rose or two. Someday……maybe……they all will become FOs.

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  1. That is a great throw! You make the most interesting scrap blankets 🙂 I have some things hibernating, but nothing I’d say I’m slowly working on. For the most part I like to power through projects, for all that I’d love to say I’m enjoying the process.

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      1. That’s not cheap! That’s good use of your resources. There are one or two I am looking at doing as well – I have just a ton of scraps and it is really a good thing to do with them.

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  2. I have two which is why my blog is so sparse on the knitting front. One is a lace block MKAL which will finish in August and the other is a granny stripe blanket out of sock yarn. I fully expect to be working on this for a loooong time. It is such a relaxing project.

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