Sock It To Me Monday

Elliot’s socks are done. I cast on socks for myself, but I don’t plan on working on them much. I have to start my May cast on, and I do have two sweaters on the needles I should be working on, so I’ll probably only work on the socks when we play outside this week.

Are you working on socks?

9 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

      1. I finally cast on and now I am wondering the best toe increase to use. I had to attempt Judy’s magic cast on a few times before I got the hang of it. I like it. We’ll see…

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  1. They look great! I love the pops of neon. I’m finishing up a pair of socks now, just trying to figure out how long I want to make them! I did them toe up and I’m trying to use up as much of the yarn as possible, I’m also trying adding increases as I work up the calf and this is the first time I’m trying that.

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  2. Great socks! I don’t have any going right now – too many KALs to clear off my plate 🙂 I plan to join you for the Pride sock KAL in June though, and the Xmas in July one too, if can move on the June ones quickly enough!


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