Arachne KAL Week 2

I am going to love this sweater. I have not knit much colorwork where I’ve carried long floats, but I’m getting there. I am very slow at colorwork, so I’m a bit annoyed at how long each row takes me. I have about 20 rows left on the chart, and when I’m done with that (in about two weeks) I think the rest of the body will fly.

Elliot at Four

Yesterday was Elliot’s birthday. He requested a King Cake, so we had that for breakfast. We told him we could eat whatever he wanted for dinner. He wanted sunny side up eggs with pancakes. He got a fire truck, snow plow, and a mug from Audrey that she painted herself. He had a good day.

He is a great kid. I’m one lucky mom.

Craft Tote Week 2

The craft tote continues to work well. This week the kids picked beeswax candle making, dying their hair blue (with wash out Halloween spray), making window clings, window markers, new magnet tins (travel toys my sister dropped off, thank you Kathleen!), and making bunnies out of hand prints.

I hope your week was as crafty as ours.

Thankful Saturday

Last fall I kept the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout November by blogging each week about what I was thankful for. I’ve decided that what I need now, in the time of COVID-19, is to remember what I’m thankful for. I’ll be sharing what I’m thankful for each Saturday until I can get my haircut agin. Why then? Because this is going to go on for a long time, so I just picked one random thing I can’t do right now to use as the benchmark for ending a blog series. As you do.

I’m thankful for Marco Polo. Not the explorer or game played in the pool, but the app. Marco Polo is like texting, but with video messages instead. It’s Snap Chat for old people. I am keeping up with my siblings, cousins, and friends all in different chats. We can’t be together, but I feel closer to them even with the distance.

I’m thankful for husbands who go to the grocery store because I just don’t think I can handle it right now.

I’m thankful for a backyard full of play. We had several nice days this week, and the kids and I spent all day in the yard. It was so much fun. They were filthy. They didn’t talk about missing the zoo or the Y.

I’m adding a lot of pictures of the kids in the yard. Mostly so when I’m stressed or thinking about how awful this time is I can look back at this post and remember how much fun they were having.