A Few More Things

Two fun things arrived in the mail since I told you about my yarn acquisitions on Monday. I was able to score some Knit Spin Farm yarn in the Loafing Around colorway from her last update. This is a bread themed self-striping colorway. I couldn’t say no. I’ve been wanting to try her yarn for a long time, and I actually remembered to check in the morning of her update.

A big surprise came in the mail yesterday. My ball winder, a 10 year old plastic Knit Picks winder, was on its last legs. I told John that if he needed a present idea for next Christmas or Mother’s Day I would love a Fiber Artist Supply Co. ball winder. He told me it was a COVID present. It is so much nicer than my old ball winder. It is smooth and fast. Now I need to get a new swift, as mine is currently held together with duct tape.

If you have recommendations for yarn swifts, please let me know. I would prefer something American made, but that might be hard to find outside of a yarn festival.

Tasty Tuesday

This week I made sourdough cinnamon rolls as a King Cake (as requested by Elliot, Yellow Cake with Fudge Frosting, Hamburger Buns, Sourdough Banana Bread, Mostly Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (fail), Sandwich Bread (success), and Chocolate Chip Sourdough.

The Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls were amazing. They are the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. They are my new go to cinnamon roll recipe. The sourdough banana bread is my new favorite banana bread recipe. It was a really good week for baking.

Have you been baking?

Sock It To Me Monday

My goodness, socks for a five-year-old fly. I’m making Audrey socks out of Chormatic Yarns in the colorway Operation Social Justice (Insert Class Here). The yarn has sparkles, which you can’t really see in this picture, so you will just have to trust me. Audrey picked the blue as the accent. I am knitting 56 stitches on a size 1 needle. I’m knitting for 4 3/4 inches before I start the toe. I’m telling you this so when I get to the foot of the next sock I’ll be able to look it up. I have this yarn without sparkles to make socks for Elliot. I tried to get him to go for sparkles, but he didn’t want them.

I did a bit more stash enhancement this week. My sister liked my Gothic Rainbow socks and she requested a pair, so I bought the yarn to make her some. I also grabbed a skein for John, as he also liked the socks a lot. I picked up the middle skein to reward myself for buying yarn to make other people socks.

How are your socks coming along?

Craft Tote Week 3

This week Audrey made a whirlygig and Elliot painted a birdhouse. They colored shrinky dinks. They played with road tape (masking tape that looks like a road, creating roads around the house). They used fabric markers to color on t-shirts. They made bunnies.

This week I skipped the craft whenever I could. I did not have the patience for it this week. The weather should be better this week, which will probably help me crafting attitude.

Thankful Saturday Week 2

We had a cold week this week, which left me grumbling. Even with a bad week, I have much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for rain pants. On Sunday it was in the low 40s, rainy, and windy. I was able to put on my rain gear and get four miles in. I just got rain paints, and I’m so thankful they allow me to get outside and walk even on days most sane people would stay inside.

I’m thankful for knitting podcasts. I get to feel like I’m knitting with friends even on nights when I’m not on a zoom call with them.

I’m thankful for spring snow. Spring snow is gone by the end of the day. Spring snow doesn’t ice up the streets. Spring snow is warm enough for the kids to play for hours and warm enough in the sun for me to watch them play while knitting.

What are you thankful for?

FO Friday

Good self striping yarn pretty much knits itself. I finished my socks this morning. The yarn is Two Sisters Yarn Co. in the Gothic Rainbow colorway. The pattern is just the sock pattern I keep in my head.