A Few More Things

Two fun things arrived in the mail since I told you about my yarn acquisitions on Monday. I was able to score some Knit Spin Farm yarn in the Loafing Around colorway from her last update. This is a bread themed self-striping colorway. I couldn’t say no. I’ve been wanting to try her yarn for a long time, and I actually remembered to check in the morning of her update.

A big surprise came in the mail yesterday. My ball winder, a 10 year old plastic Knit Picks winder, was on its last legs. I told John that if he needed a present idea for next Christmas or Mother’s Day I would love a Fiber Artist Supply Co. ball winder. He told me it was a COVID present. It is so much nicer than my old ball winder. It is smooth and fast. Now I need to get a new swift, as mine is currently held together with duct tape.

If you have recommendations for yarn swifts, please let me know. I would prefer something American made, but that might be hard to find outside of a yarn festival.

17 thoughts on “A Few More Things

  1. What a lovely gift, I need a new swift too, I tried gluing the broken arm of my swift but it came apart. It was 2nd hand with my spinning wheel and was broketn when I got it, but it is a nightmare, so perhaps I will add one to my birthday list.

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      1. There was one year when I wasn’t working, so for Mother’s Day I asked for “time gifts” instead of money gifts, and the swift was what he gave me. It’s awesome. Hope you find one!


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