Craft Tote Week 3

This week Audrey made a whirlygig and Elliot painted a birdhouse. They colored shrinky dinks. They played with road tape (masking tape that looks like a road, creating roads around the house). They used fabric markers to color on t-shirts. They made bunnies.

This week I skipped the craft whenever I could. I did not have the patience for it this week. The weather should be better this week, which will probably help me crafting attitude.

11 thoughts on “Craft Tote Week 3

  1. You are so lucky your kids get on with each other. My sister and I are like chalk and cheese and the only time we ‘played’ together was if my mum set us a competition to see who could clean their rooms the fastest. Technically we were doing it together but in separate rooms, apart from that we never played together. I’d have loved your craft tote though.

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  2. I see cooperating in those photos! For as bad as this who pandemic is there are some good things: your family is getting tighter than ever:) Enjoy your time while they are little. It goes by way faster than you can imagine.

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  3. Olivia says:

    I had nine children OK not all at once but still a lot of them at once. I am not sure how I had the patients then, I certainly wouldn’t have it now. My hats off to you.

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