Thankful Saturday

Last fall I kept the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout November by blogging each week about what I was thankful for. I’ve decided that what I need now, in the time of COVID-19, is to remember what I’m thankful for. I’ll be sharing what I’m thankful for each Saturday until I can get my haircut agin. Why then? Because this is going to go on for a long time, so I just picked one random thing I can’t do right now to use as the benchmark for ending a blog series. As you do.

I’m thankful for Marco Polo. Not the explorer or game played in the pool, but the app. Marco Polo is like texting, but with video messages instead. It’s Snap Chat for old people. I am keeping up with my siblings, cousins, and friends all in different chats. We can’t be together, but I feel closer to them even with the distance.

I’m thankful for husbands who go to the grocery store because I just don’t think I can handle it right now.

I’m thankful for a backyard full of play. We had several nice days this week, and the kids and I spent all day in the yard. It was so much fun. They were filthy. They didn’t talk about missing the zoo or the Y.

I’m adding a lot of pictures of the kids in the yard. Mostly so when I’m stressed or thinking about how awful this time is I can look back at this post and remember how much fun they were having.

15 thoughts on “Thankful Saturday

  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful children! Oh my, they are really looking ready for a washing powder commercial…”can your detergent handle this?” says the cheesy presenter 😂. I’m loving the look your son has when he’s behind the bars and has his camel t-shirt and cowboy boots. I’m glad you are getting nice weather they can play outside so much. That is definitely something to be grateful for. Xx

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    1. I go through a lot of oxiclean trying to get their clothes clean. The clothes they wore on that muddy day are stained horribly, but now I know what they will wear this summer when they want to play in the mud. Elliot loves cowboy boots. I have to force him to wear different shoes when it is muddy out or he wants to jump.

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  2. Those boots look great, and I can’t think of anything better than a good play where you get dirty and don’t care. Reminds me of my childhood and roaming the local countryside, making camps and generally getting messy. Fun! I am thankful to you for posting 🙂 Stay safe.

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  3. I bet they’ll grow up and not remember feeling that it was scary or stressful at all. I’m so glad the weather has been agreeable enough that you can all get outside and play! And yes, I am also grateful for husbands who do the shopping now!

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  4. Your Thankful Saturday posts are a great idea! It is always nice to count our blessings, especially in times like this.
    Yay for your DH getting the groceries and for a backyard your kids can play it, and nice weather! They look like they are having such a good time 🙂 I remember getting outside and having muddy good fun like that as a kid – good times. You are helping them make great memories and just have fun being kids 🙂

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