Friday FO

It was warm earlier this week, but I’ve needed a hat for my walk the past two days. Luckily I have a new sparkly hat. I love my new Magpie Darling hat from the Crafty Jackalope.

The cowl was a gift from a friend. It showed up this week on a day I really needed it. I’ve been wearing it since.

Did you finish anything this week?

17 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. Hmmmmm , I finished the woods work burning and spreading ash over the places I will plant clover and cosmos. Im done . I swear Im done. Im exhausted. I love your hat. I don’t know how you get anything done with the littles at home!

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  2. Okay, yeah, the sequin hat is super fun. I might end up needing to get some of that yarn after all. They had a cowl kit that would be right up my alley. And I’m SO glad you like the cowl! 🙂

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