Arachne KAL Week 1

This week I cast on my Arachne for the KAL that I bullied Marilee into hosting. I love this sweater, and find myself annoyed that I don’t have more time to work on it. I only have a few rows of the yoke done.

I’m using Harrisville Designs Nightshades in the Cinder colorway for the main color. The web will be knit in Barret Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen in hazelnut. The Nightshades is a DK. The Wisconsin Woolen is a worsted. They weigh the same and have the same yardage, so I’m not concerned.

I’m going to make a few changes to my sweater. I’ve added extra stitches as I will be steeking this. I am not going to do the waist decreases, as my personal waist does not decrease. I’m debating adding pockets.

I’m kind of winging this sweater. I love the yarn, so if I have to rip it out and start again I’ll be OK with that. My goal is to finish the sweater by October.

10 thoughts on “Arachne KAL Week 1

  1. I love the yarns you have picked – they look great together! I love the Nightshades, and You have some neat modifications planned, too 🙂 Also, you didn’t bully me – LOL! I think we got each other spun up to get started. I may copy your pocket idea – there are nothing like enough sweaters with pockets out there. Don’t know if I’m doing the waist shaping – my personal waist doesn’t do much going in either.

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  2. I think your sweater will be awesome and your modifications sound reasonable. I loved when you said you won’t do waist decreases because your waist doesn’t decrease! I can’t wait to see the steek. Not sure about the pockets. Where and what style were you considering?

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