Tamping Down Fear by Buying Yarn

Have I mentioned I’m not doing super great? I’m getting by. I’m increasing my anxiety meds. I’m making sure my kids think this is a cool fun time instead of a terrifying time where we suddenly wear masks when we go out and we don’t get to hug grandma and grandpa.

One way I deal with stress is buying things. I am by nature a conservative person financially (not socially…dear Lord, send me your gays and your heathens and I’ll go out to dinner with them and start book clubs and shit), so when I say I buy things I mean things that I can afford but normally don’t justify.

Fiberpalooza was cancelled.

Knitting In the Heartland was postponed.

The festivals where I was planning on spending my yarn money were gone. I had yarn money burning a hole in my pocket. So I went on line.

First up? Some yarn from the Chromatic Yarns. Hannah had a special yarn dyed in support of social justice, with proceeds going to an anit-racism charity. I bought a sock set for me and a sparkly sock skein to make the kids socks.

Next up? Some yarn from Two Sisters Yarn Company. I picked some self striping sparkly rainbow yarn for the Pride Month KAL. I also picked up some Gothic Rainbow for the ittybitty self striping yarn club KAL that is Jess and me. I have to say, these feel like Gothic Rainbow times, so I predict next Monday will involve this yarn.

After those purchases I lost my damn mind.

I pre-ordered the Chormatic Yarns Advent Calendar. I love Hannah’s yarn….but also I think she is the coolest and have secret dreams of becoming her friend (but maybe not so secret if I just told Blogville….drat my chatty posts….).

I also bought a hat kit from the Crafty Jackalope. A hat kit with sequin yarn. Life as we know it feels like it is ending, so I’m all SMILE, SPARKLE, SHINE, there are sequins on my head!!

Have any of you lost your minds in a feeble attempt to come to terms with social distancing?

31 thoughts on “Tamping Down Fear by Buying Yarn

  1. Well it’s 5.21am here and I tried reading a book for an hour and gave up…so yes losing my mind a little. I didn’t vote for Boris as I support the opposition, but did check the news to see if there was an update. I had a wonderful call with friends last night so that was nice. I’ve sent you a message on Facebook messenger, not sure if you use it. Stay safe x

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  2. First off – HUGS! We are in uncertain, scary times right now, and you have a lot on you. So if buying some pretty yarn makes you feel better, buy that damn yarn! You found some gorgeous things and supported some small yarn dyers, which is important, especially right now. And you are going to make some beautiful things for yourself and your family.
    And to answer your question, yes, a little bit losing my mind. I’m contemplating buying a Welcome to Summer advent kit from the same lady I prebought a Halloween advent from. (msmonstercreations on Etsy) Also, that rainbow stripe sock yarn is awfully pretty, and our Pride month KAL is coming up…

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling. I always struggle with buying all the yarn. For those of us who were already struggling, this is a tough time. Maybe I should go back to double medication! All that yarn, though, is lovely. I ordered What Does It Mean (double rainbow) sock and Mistletoe Kisses sock from Turtlepurl! I’m nearing the toe of my sock! I’m just so grateful for my Blogville friends. ❤️

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  4. That is some gorgeous yarn! I think you did a great job picking out the ones that needed to come home to you:)
    I vacillate between confident and anxious. For me the walking twice a day in an intense way helps me release my stress and actually get some sleep at night.
    I’m going to send you a message on a Ravelry. Look for it:)

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  5. Here’s a hug for you my dear! I have not succumbed to online purchases yet, but I am very close to buying a whole collection of fabrics….I may have to see if someone will split it with me… So far I have NOT done it! Yarn is no problem, I have several projects to work on, and will do those before looking seriously at anything else. You hang in there! I’ll add you to my list!

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  6. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. We’re all going through it, one way or another, lately. The yarn you bought is glorious! I just keep knitting, and thanking whomever that my kids are big…I dont k ow how I would’ve handled this if they were young. Probably total anarchy! Day by day it gets better, at least in some ways.

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    1. The past few days it has gotten worse instead of better. I’m hoping it will turn a corner now that we have a few sunny days in a row. I’m going to be in the yard as much as possible enjoying fresh air and spring.


  7. Well, here is the thing. In order to lose one’s mind, there must be something there to lose, right? I have been on this side of batty for most of my life. Maybe this whole nutty experience will make me ::gasp:: normal! That right there is a frightening thought. Today, I am going to pull out all of my yarn and sort it into some kinda system. Wish me luck!

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  8. Ivy Sprague says:

    I’ve been dealing with the anxiety by knitting. CONSTANTLY. Like, I *must* be knitting if I’m not working. It’s the one thing I can control. And our virtual knitting happy hours are what is keeping my inner rage/sadness at bay. I’m so glad we have them. Love you.

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  9. Why do you keep showing me yarn companies I don’t know about and then I have to buy their yarns?? First Two Sisters and now Chromatic Yarns! I hope the yarn and the meds and the baking and the kids all work together to keep you mostly sane. It’s so hard right now; I know I swing wildly from panic to despair to calm, sometimes all in one day. But one of the things I am most grateful for is the people in my life like you, friends for support and laughter and knitting and all that stuff. Sending a hug your way!

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  10. AJ says:

    Our yarn festival was cancelled too and I never thought of spending the money online. I guess I’m still hoping we will get some sort of yarn festival at some point this year.

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      1. AJ says:

        Oh that’s good you saved some. I will hopefully have a yarn shop crawl with my friend after all this as that’s what I had gifted her for her birthday


  11. Olivia says:

    I am having a hard time. I am home anyway most of the time but when it feels like the end of the world as we know it with no end in sight I get defeated. Thank goodness I got those two puppies to keep me busy and boy do they ever! (I very grateful I don’t have to devise craft time for them, however) I haven’t seen my son& grandson in months. I miss my daughter who lives in Connecticut. As far as knitting, I’m on the same project I’ve been on. I knit a few rows on a tiny bootie and put it down. I’m just not feeling it. One day I cried all a day. It’s so depressing. The weather in New England doesn’t help. One sunny day a week just isn’t enough. I’d like to say I’ll be glad when it’s all over but, will it be over? I’m beginning to doubt. I did order some yarn for a sweater but it comes from the U.K. so who knows if it ever gets here. Yeah, this is not an easy time for any of us. We all just have to hang in there and adapt.

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