Craft Tote Week 1

One week in to the craft tote, and so far it has been a success. I thought I would share what the kids picked as their crafts this week. You will notice that I use the term craft very loosely – I often use it for activities they love and I don’t enjoy (like painting fingernails).

The kids painted a tea set. The paints in the kit had dried up, so we used tempera paint. The paint won’t last, but neither will a ceramic tea set. I made playdough for the kids. I’m not a playdough fan, so this counts as a craft. They used chalk rollers, which only worked for about five minutes, but were worth the money spent on them because the kids fill them with water to “clean” things in the backyard. They did stained glass chalk – I taped out random shapes with tape and they colored them in. It was a huge hit, and we will do it again as soon as we have more tape. We painted their fingernails and toenails. They painted with water.

I’m surprised at what they picked. I assumed the teapot would be picked right away, but didn’t think they would touch the painting with water until we reached the bottom of the tote.

The kids love the tote, and tell me every day what they are going to pick next. It has been a wonderful addition to our time at home.

12 thoughts on “Craft Tote Week 1

  1. I wish I was one of your kids! They look like they’ve had a brilliant time and I especially love the stained glass outside. I think I have some chalk in the garage and thinking of maybe having a go to cheer up my postie when she sees our doorstep.


    1. Paint is so messy! I hate using it, which is why it is a special craft. They have to wear shirts that can get paint on them. I let them play in the dirt every day, but paint bothers me. Go figure.


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