WIP Wednesday

For me, pandemic knitting is all about stockinette. It is all I can handle right now. Sadly, I have little interest in knitting it right now. I tried to cast on a Hitchhiker, but failed after four attempts. It’s not a difficult pattern. I’m an experienced knitter. I can’t explain it.

So here I am, working through Throughstone. I’m not a fan of bottom up sweaters, but all I can handle is the knit stitch, so I should be good with the sweater for a bit.

Tasty Tuesday

I’ve been baking a lot. I deal with stress by feeding my family carbs. I am limiting myself to baking one item a day, because it could easily get out of hand if I don’t.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I’ve been baking. Until we’re back to normal and socializing face to face I will be sharing what I baked the past week every Tuesday.

Sock it to me Monday: Sock Yarn Blanket Edition

One of the good things about staying home is that my brain only has the capacity for mindless knitting. Instead of being annoyed at how boring an applied i-cord edging is to knit, I’ve been happy for the simple distraction. I finally finished my second Knitted Patchwork Recipe blanket.

I love making these blankets. It is a bit of calm added to my day, every day. I hope you are able to find some peace in your days.

Kathleen Saves the Day

We’re going a little stir-crazy in these parts. I’m sure you can relate. Keeping two kids that are used to going on an adventure every day home all of the time has been hard. I’ve been giving them a special craft each day, but was quickly running out of options and ideas.

Today my sister rescued me. She dropped off two totes full of craft supplies and science projects (from a safe distance). There is enough to keep the kids busy for at least a week.

What have you been doing to stay busy at home?