Sock It To Me Monday

I have lost my sock knitting mojo, so I thought I would share with you two fun KALs I’m planning for this summer.

June – Pride Month KAL. Join me in knitting rainbow socks in celebration of the LGBTQ community. Show your support by working on them in public. Want to go above and beyond? Gift them to a member of the community that is knitworthy. I’ll be sending out a stichmarker or progress keeper to anyone who participates.

July – Christmas in July KAL. Do you want new Christmas socks this year? July is a great time to start, especially if you are easily sidetracked by other projects. I’ll be knitting some self striping WYS in the faerie lights colorway. Pick your favorite Christmas (or any holiday, if you don’t celebrate Christmas) yarn and get to work. I’ll be sending out a stitchmarker or progress keeper to anyone who participates.

I’m hoping hosting two sock KALs will get me my sock motivation back. I hope you haven’t lost your motivation to knit.

13 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. You know what you need? You need some really exciting sock yarn to jump start that mojo. Something that you just love feeling in your hands. Don’t worry about any other wips, cast this one on and get your motor running…

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  2. I’m sorry your sock knitting mojo is gone. Have you got some crazy sock yarn? Have you knit Monkey Socks by Cookie A? If so have you knit the no purl version? There is something about that pattern that just makes the socks jump off the needles! I knit a pair in 4 days once. I can’t recommend both enough:) Bonus the pattern is free on

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    1. I have some knitting mojo, just not sock knitting mojo. I think I’ll cast on some self striping after I finish my shawl. I adore striped socks. I love the Monkey Socks pattern. I should try the no purl version. I have her book and I really should pick out a fun pair.

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  3. Your sock mojo will be back – never fear 🙂 I’m in on both of your sock KALs as well. I have some rainbow yarn, but it isn’t self-striping, so I don’t know if it would work or if I might need to buy a skein of rainbow stripe yarn…

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