Craft Tote

Every day the kids get to do a craft. I have been keeping random craft stuff around the house, they would find it, then insist on doing it right then. It was a mess.

Today I put together a tote of crafts they can choose from. I’ve set a schedule where each kid gets to pick the craft every other day. They are both excited and have been looking at the tote today deciding what they will pick on their next turn.

Wish me luck. I’m really hoping this will keep the crafts organized and easy to pick. I’m also hoping they don’t bug me about doing crafts all day every day now that we have a process.

16 thoughts on “Craft Tote

  1. Wow! What a great idea! When my kids were young we would also write on the calendar special things that we would do each day so they had something to look forward to. It was stuff like “go to library” and “feed ducks at the park” since I was pretty broke all of the time. Now that we are stuck inside it could be stuff like “build a fort” or maybe “make cookies”. I love that your kids have a grab bag of crafts to look forward to. Good job, mom!!

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