Staying Home Q&A

Karen from NothingButKnit has another great Q&A up on her sight. I thought I would share my answers here. I would love to hear your answers too, so answer in the comments or let me know if you’ve posted on your blog or commented on Karen’s blog.

  • How are you filling your time at home? Are you cleaning out your closets? Crafting? Maybe trying out new recipes?
  • Have you discovered anything worth watching? My local cable company is offering up free channels, is yours? Have you trying anything you’d like to recommend?
  • Have you found a silver lining to this whole stay at home thing?
  • Have you found a blog post that’s been particularly inspiring to you? Please share. It doesn’t have to be coronavirus related, inspirational is the only requirement.

I’m filling my time at home with baking. I’m not cleaning. I’m not reading. I’m not knitting. The only time I feel normal is when I’m baking, so I’ve been doing it a lot.

I haven’t discovered anything worth watching. All I have been watching is PBS NewsHour and knitting podcasts.

I think the silver lining has been watching baking fill my instagram feed with friends trying new techniques. It has also given me time to get better at sourdough baking.

Marilyn at Yarn, Books & Roses has been writing great stuff about staying sane. She also knits some pretty great stuff, including cat replicas.

13 thoughts on “Staying Home Q&A

  1. Aren’t Marilyn’s cats just the best! I love watching them develop.
    I am taking tiny steps with baking but I’ve used a couple of mixes I had. First I did King Arthur’s gingerbread scones. They’re tasty. Right now I’ve got a Duncan Hines chocolate cake in the oven. Fortunately we’ve been walking enough so we don’t have to worry about the calories:)

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  2. Unhibernated a jumper, started a crochet blanket and tempted to warp my loom. Made some bread which I have not done for a long time. It was ok, but still tasted good. Walking is back in, so trying to get to know the back lanes so I can find a good route to cycle. Did my first day of yoga – I am not stretchy! But maybe I will be after 30 days. Just listening to my music collection because I need to concentrate on loads of Front Post Doubles and Trebles :). Not had a chance to look at any new blogs.

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