WIP Wednesday

For me, pandemic knitting is all about stockinette. It is all I can handle right now. Sadly, I have little interest in knitting it right now. I tried to cast on a Hitchhiker, but failed after four attempts. It’s not a difficult pattern. I’m an experienced knitter. I can’t explain it.

So here I am, working through Throughstone. I’m not a fan of bottom up sweaters, but all I can handle is the knit stitch, so I should be good with the sweater for a bit.

16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. We need to be super easy on ourselves. It’s like the level of background “noise” (emotions around everything, chatter, info) for all of us has been ramped up from a level 2 to maybe an 8 or 9, so it can feel like walking through an extra layer of energy and it’s easy to feel off. I know what you mean about suddenly not being able to focus or knit properly. I jumped for joy to receive yarn support for a design I made that I’ve been looking forward to receiving for four months, and suddenly I can’t seem to pick up my needles. Be good to yourself!

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  2. The average stress level of just one day of this is so high that the tiniest thing just pushes things into the red level. I didn’t knit at all today. I laid on the couch and dozed for more of the day than I care to admit. My sleep and eating have been horrible.
    I’m looking forward to starting the Arachne KAL. I think it will be a nice distraction for all of us. Have you done your swatch?

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    1. My sleep and eating have been horrible too. I’m not even enjoying my daily walks. I am looking forward to the KAL too. I started a swatch, but was too distracted to finish it. I’m starting to get worried I won’t be able to figure out how to adapt the weight of the sweater.

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  3. It’s the stress of so many changes so fast and so many unknowns. I want to just bake and eat right now! I did go for a long walk today which was good for me. I need to play my piano, that always helps.

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  4. All we I’m managing to do is a few rows on a dishcloth each day. I thought I may wash the windows today for the first time this year, the sun is shining through them today and seeing as my creative mojo has gone I may as well tackle some Spring cleaning whilst listening to Armchair Expert. The Grocery Girls should have an episode out to watch later.

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  5. Olivia says:

    For some reason WordPress is not letting me like anything even though I sign in and it doesn’t remember me I don’t know what’s going on. But I hear you on the knitting thing, I’m too distracted to do anything but plain knit.

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